Patient Portal Information

At Family Practice Center of West Memphis we prefer to talk to patients.

We respond to inquiries from patients most efficiently and effectively when we communicate with patients either in person or by telephone. We continue to use the telephone to notify patients of their next day lab results. We ask that “between visit” medication refills and supply requests are initiated by the patient, not the pharmacy, by calling our office.

That being said, the PATIENT PORTAL for Family Practice Center of West Memphis complies with a federal mandate to make health information available to patients in an encrypted electronic form. Patients can view electronic health information on the PATIENT PORTAL by accessing their unique account as outlined on the information sheet you received from our office. Electronic health information can be found on the PATIENT PORTAL within 4 business days of the patient’s visit.

The WEB ADDRESS for access is: (Click on the links above and below)

NEVER SHARE your secret password. DO NOT store your secret password. It is the patient’s responsibility to guard their personal health information on this portal by safeguarding their password. If you forget your secret password and need your password reset you must contact our office by telephone at (870)735-0833.

REMEMBER, this portal is a NON-CRITICAL method to provide electronic health information to the patient.